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This is the home page of Hide-it! a small freeware Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 applett that allows you to hide applications from the desktop and the Alt-Tab chain.


Do you use some application that you must keep running all day long, but you don't really need to check often? Do you run MS Exchange as a network FAX server and should keep it always open? Hide-It is for you!

Hide-it allows you to hide any application window and it's button in the taskbar, the application is also removed from the Alt-Tab chain, so it won't disturb your task switching, it's just as if it wasn't there. You can later access it's window un-hiding it, you just need to right-click in the small Hide-it's icon in the system tray area and select it.

Hide-it was top rated in Tucows, click below to see the review.

Latest Version

The last version is 1.1 , released on March 1996.


Hide-it is only 74 Kb, You can always download the most recent version from this web, else you can try ftp.winsite.com. You will also find it in mirrors of this site. Hide-it is Freeware!

Next release suggestions

Is there any feature you would like to see in the next release?, please e-mail me.

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Do you have any question or comment? E-Mail me at german (at) expocenter.com

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